PPAS-2 Battery Charger
Nominal AC Input Voltage:
Nominal DC Input Voltage:
Input fuse:
No load consumption in "on" mode:
Output voltage range:
Charging current:
LED indicators:
Power supply connection:
Temperature range:
Output protection:
230 ACV / 50Hz
12 or 24 DCV
25 A
12 W
10-18 V
1,5 A "fast", 350 mA "normal"
Fast & Normal charge, Discharge
cables with connectors
-25 to +55 C
The output is short circuit protected
330 x 230 x 110 mm
5 kg
ON/OFF switch, 2 potentiometers

Charges batteries: BB-390/U, BB-590/U, with ALI adapter: ALI-116, ALI 116C