PA-3550 Power Supply
Nominal Input Voltage:
Input Voltage Range:
Power Consumption:
Output Voltage:
Output Voltage Stability:
Output Current:
Output Current Stability:
Ripple Voltage:
LED indicators:
Temperature range:
Dimensions (WxHxD):
220 to 230 V / 50Hz
182 - 242 V
2200 W at full load
0 to 35 VDC
1 %
0 to 50 A
2 %
Less than 150 mV(rms)
Power "ON" (red)
ON/OFF switch, 2 potentiometers
-25 to +55 C
300 x 150 x 460 mm
about 12 kg

Power supply with output short circuit protection. Can be used as battery charger. Automatic fuse against reverse battery connection (when used as battery charger). Other voltage/current ratings than those specified are available on request.