An important part of TRADEL's activities is the representation of some leading and well known companies in their specific fields. Tradel's mission is to introduce and maintain the best relation with the customers on assigned territories in promoting the equipment manufactured and services offered by the companies that Tradel represents. Tradel d.o.o. is a member of the TRACE INTERNATIONAL, membership association of multinational companies and their commercial intermediaries committed to the highest standards of transparency. The goal of Trace is provide anti-bribery support for companies and commercial intermediaries across all industries and regions.
The list of the companies represented is not completed, but the companies listed here show the importance of this activity:

ITT Defence & Information Solutions, McLean, VA, USA

USA and World leader in providing innovative technologies to meet the emerging requirements of military, government and commercial customers, with 60 years of experience in providing communications, sensing, surveillance and advance engineering.

ITT Communication System, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

World leader in providing military VHF radios including SINCGARS and Advanced Tactical Communication Systems (ATCS) families, with over half million systems in use in many countries worldwide.

SELEX Communications, Pomezia, Rome, Italy

Of Finmeccanica Company, a global supplier of advance communications, Radios, Vehicular Intercoms, Satellite Terminals, navigations and identification solutions.

DRS Signal Solutions Inc, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Is a world leader in defense technology providing the-shelf products and custom SIGINT solutions. These solutions leverage over 45 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of a broad range of high performance radio frequency surveillance equipment.


World leading company engaged in Electronics Engineering and Design for the End of Life Management, Logistic support and System enhancement for combat and tactical vehicles, like intercoms and other systems.

GLOBAL SOLAR ENERGY, Inc. Tucson, Arizona, USA

Manufactures the highest performance thin film solar cell products in the world. Based on advanced NASA & Department of Energy Technologies, Global Solar's products are lightweight, portable, & rugged enabling new & innovative commercial consumer, military, & industrial applications.

SAMEL90 plc, Samokov, Bulgaria

From 1964 manufacturer of professional transceivers and other communication equipment for military and civilian market, communication integration systems, special equipment, lighting industry, automotive, spare parts, etc.

CJ International-ECOM, Cincinnati, OH, USA

World proven manufacturer and supplier of modules and other parts for the famous transceivers AN/PRC77 and VRC-12 series.

RIZ PE, Zagreb, Croatia

Leading Croatian manufacturer of broad range of communication devices, including PRC-515 Transceivers, Power Amplifiers for professional and military applications, military grade batteries, Power Supplies, DC to DC and AC to DC Converters, Military Battery Chargers for American, French and other radios, vehicle mountings and installation kits, communication shelter integrations, cables for all known military radios, accessories and spare part.


ABOUT TRADEL - Telephony RADio ELectronics

Founded in 1971 in Westbury, Long Island, NY, USA, as the supplier of communication equipment, spare parts, and accessories, as well as a distributor and/or representative for well known equipment manufacturers.

In 1993 our offices and the operations were moved to the present address in Croatia.

Our mission is simple to define: We are here to serve our customers with the best products, the best deliveries and the best prices.

Our aim is to keep our customers satisfied and to have the closest cooperation with them.

Tradel is recognized as a valid and reliable supplier, distributor and manufacturer of it's range of equipment and services.

Tradel's services have been very well received by great many customers at home, in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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